register for the 2016 happy mama retreat





You don’t want to miss this awesome retreat! Below are the four different ways mamas can register for Happy Mama 2017. The only difference in these options is the lodging. If you live in North Carolina, you may be eligible for a scholarship — email to inquire.


  (*NOTE: By registering for the Happy Mama Retreat below, you hereby give consent to Happy Mama Retreat to photograph, film, videotape and then use, reproduce, and publish said images of you. You agree that photographs/negatives, film, or videotapes will constitute the sole property of Happy Mama Retreat, with full right of disposition in any manner whatsoever. You also acknowledge that we do not provide refunds after Dec. 31, 2016. Refunds requested before Dec. 31, 2016 will be 75% of amount paid.) 
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