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Pamper Yourself

Mamas get very little time for themselves. Plenty of time for relaxation and pampering is set aside during the Retreat.

Learn Self-Care

You have to take care of yourself in order to do your best for family. Our speakers educate and motivate you to take care of mama.


Mama is always on alert and never seems to get a chance to relax. You only have to worry about yourself this weekend.

Feel Less Alone

Raising a child with invisible behavioral disorders is isolating. At the Retreat, you'll meet dozens of mamas on a similar journey.
Are you a stressed-out, overwhelmed, overworked, tired and under-nurtured mother of a child with ADHD, ADD, OCD, SPD, PBD, FASD, Autism, PDD, or any number of other brain-based differences that lead other people to judge your parenting, make you second-guess yourself, challenge your marriage, and keep you up at night worrying incessantly about your child? If so, then look no further for a soft place to land. The Happy Mama Retreat has been created especially for you!

The Happy Mama Retreat is a weekend away for moms of children with special needs, created by moms of children with special needs. Not just a spa weekend, not just an educational conference, not just a moms-only weekend away - it's all three rolled into one. We want to help you gain community with other mothers who share your questions, concerns, worries, and fears. We want to provide education to help you advocate for your child and yourself, and to give you the tools to re-discover your own happiness. We want to nurture you with a beautiful setting and fun, relaxing activities.  We want you to be happy, mama!

What mamas are saying about the Happy Mama Retreat...

  • I felt like part of a community here!
  • The weekend provided a framework of positivity.
  • I loved connecting with fabulous women!
  • The validation that I'm not alone was amazing!
  • This was the highlight of my year!
  • It was relaxing and peaceful.
  • I got a lot of ideas and support.
  • Validating and therapeutic!
  • I'm looking forward to next year!

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